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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 27 Thu 08/8 - Last Day In Another Mad City of Kolkata

Today spend : Rs 430    Total spend :Rs 25644

Today is my last day here in India, in another mad city of Kolkata, the same place where we started on the 13th July and will be ending on the 9th Aug,almost close to a month. Being  a first time visitor to India,it really open up my eyes as how low a human can live vs those wealthy rich living in high class bungalows. For the poor and homeless, sky is their roof and with a matt or a piece of cloth for them to sleep in just about anywhere they feel comfortable. Nobody seems to bother and i think the authorities also had no solution to put a stop to it, as there are just too many poor peoples on the street doing the same thing, throwing rubbish, urine everywhere. So you hardly see any toilets or rubbish bins on the street. I slept almost the whole day in the room or a more appropriate term is a prison cell, I went out only for my lunch and dinner. Chee has to cycle to find a bike box few km away from our stay,luckily for him he has contacted the bike shop owner to reserve one, but for a fee of Rs 500 including packing, and took a taxi to bring back to the hotel. With everything done and settled, we are ready to return happily to our home tomorrow.

Day 25/26 Tue/Wed 06/07 Aug - New Delhi 26 hr Train to Kolkata

Two days spend :Rs 735   Total spend :  Rs 25214

It was raining when we woke up this morning. Our train to Kolkata is scheduled at 1.00pm,so we have plenty of time to pack up. While waiting for the rain to stop,I went down the street looking for foods, Chee prefer to skip the morning breakfast. The once busy Pahar Ganj was reduced to a water-logged street,as the shopkeepers were busy to sweep away the rain water from entering their shops,a result of lack of proper drainage system.The rain stopped as i just about to finish eating, without any delay i quickly rush back to guesthouse, to go to the train station before the rain starts again. With Chee's bike, we no need the service of tuk-tuk or taxi, I just placed my 2 big bags on top of Chee's rack, and with me holding to it , we push the bike for a distance of 200m until the entrance, from here we need the service of porter to carry to the platform no. 8 while Chee had to check in his bike as luggage. I went for another round of food outside the train station for a Chiken Briyani Rs 160 . The train arrived at 12.30pm and we quickly rush to find our 2 AC seat. With our luggage safely tucked under the seat, then you can relax a little while waiting for the train to take off. Sharing the same room is a friendly Indian muslim brother, we chatted a bit, and he told me that " Malaysia is a very beautiful country" then I asked " Why dun you go and holiday there?" He smiled at me with this answer " My shoulder is very heavy, I can't go oversea holiday,I need to feed more than 10 people"
The train is quite comfortable with folderable bed,bed sheet,tower,and pillow, the best is the many rounds of foods and drinks served. The only unforeseen setback is the 10 hr delay due to a fallen power line and the train had to use alternative route to reach Kolkata. We arrived Kolkata almost 4 pm. While i went walking to look for accommodation,and Chee to guard the luggage.Most of the budget guesthouse or lodge not cater for foreigners, while some hotels were out to slaughter us with Rs 1400- 2000. Just out of luck, i went trying to check out one more guesthouse while pushing our stuffs on the way to one expensive hotel, surprisingly, its ok with a reasonable price of Rs 500. We happily pay for two nights and save ourselves Rs 900 each. Finally happy to reach this stage where we will board our Airasia X flight home on the 9th Aug.